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    Default AUDIO FOR PINNICle 11 PLUS

    Im trying to edit some home movie footage using pinnicle 11 plus can enyone tell me how to import music tracks from itunes into pinnicle I dont know if it`s possible to do this as it only seems to allow you to get audio tracks from a cd
    which means I have to burn a cd from my hard drive to use with pinnicle surly you must be able to take tracks straght from your hard drive,

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    The bottom most icon on the tool box (think it's a treble clef icon) activates the music area. At the top you should see a folder icon which'll let you browse the folders on your system. Navigate to the iTunes folder and you should see the list of albums that you have.

    The thing to note is that it won't recognise AAC files. However, there is an MP3 converter in iTunes - right click on the track in iTunes and select "convert to MP3". You may have to go up one level in Pinnacle and then back into your album folder to refresh the list.

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