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Thread: No Preview for .avi & .mpg!

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    Unhappy No Preview for .avi & .mpg!

    I've been trying to solve this problem for hours, so hopefully someone can help me!

    I've got a copy of Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 (not a trial) and the clips I'm trying to play have been ripped from the internet using, selecting the .avi option when downloading.

    When I play the clips with an .avi or .mpg extension directly from the media bin, it works fine in the preview window. It also works fine when I play them in other programs such as Windows Media Player or VLC.

    BUT when I drop them into the timeline, and preview them from there, nothing! However, I see clips with other extensions (.wmv, etc.) on the same track just fine! In the timeline itself, I can see the frames of the clips. No errors pop up from the program, either.

    And what is most confusing is that these clips were working the last time I used the program yesterday. It's just all of a sudden that they are previewing black.

    Any ideas? Desperate!

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    I had the same problem with youtube downloader. What i did is just download a converter and convert it to an other format that vegas can open

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