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    Default capture DV OR HD

    Sorry but probably a basic question. Does a firewire card only capture HD recorded footage in SD digital foramt and do i therefore need a HD capture card to capture and edit HD format footage. Thanks

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    firewire 400 will definitely capture HDV, but would probably need firewire 800 for full on HD formats

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    Thanks for the response. So then whats the difference between a firewire 800 and the HD capture cards advertised such as the Blackmagic design intensity pro ?? or whats its big difference in terms of selling points ?. Many Thanks

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    You could use a HDMI tv as a monitor, and capture through HDMI.

    and if you go for the higher one, you can capture/convert old vhs or other formats,

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    I capture HDV (1440x1080i) footage through a firewire 400 link. Not sure what you mean by 'capture card' as none is needed. All you need is a simple firewire connection.

    Edittin the high def footage is another matter of course and you'll need a certain spec box to dothat on.

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    thanks Alan, just thought i was missing the point when you see HD capture cards advertised

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    If you've already got Firewire 400 (400m/bits per sec) on your computer then you don't need a 'capture' card. The Firewire solution is more reliable and doesn't cost anything near the price of a 'capture' card. If you can capture HDV with a Firewire card costing 20 why spend hundreds on something else.

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