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Thread: Power Director 6 - Moving "Production" to another computer

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    Default Power Director 6 - Moving "Production" to another computer


    I had a situation with Power Director 6 where everytime I would start up the program by clicking on my "production" (PDS file) to my movie, it would take forever, and never load! While at the same time doing this, I recently decided to upgrade my computer to a better and faster computer than my previous one.

    Anyways, to my point, I had a small movie being made and I was about 50% done (on my old computer) when I decided to move all of my production to the other computer. So I put all of the files necessary to continue my work on the other computer (the PDS file, clips, music, files, folders, anything and everything that is involved in my movie) and I thought by doing so everything would work fine (okay I knew something bad would happen) but I transfered everything over and of course Power Director 6 does not recognize where all of the files are, and it simply can't be the way "it used to be" on my old computer.

    Now my question is this: Is there any way at all I can move my production (files, folders, etc) over to my NEW computer and HAVE that NEW computer/Power Director recognize everything (no problems, it shows movie on the timeline, etc.)? I mean have everything like it originally was on my old computer?

    I would really appreciate a response because I'm really fretting over this way too much I need to continue editing but it just wont load up on my old computer (it takes like 10 minutes, then I click once with the mouse and it freezes).

    Thanks so much to any responses!

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    Don't know PD, I'd try opening the .PDS file in a text editor to see if there were any clues - sometimes an application wants a Fully Qualified Path, e.g., C:\PD6\MYFILES, sometimes a Relative path, <root>\PD6\MYFILES. With a Relative path, the app doesn't care if the file is on the C drive or the Z drive. With an FQP, the file HAS to be on C:\PD6\MYFILES.

    It MIGHT be that PD tries to search the hard-disk for each clip in the production...

    Of course, this is just a SWAG on my part...
    ~Applied Metaphysician~

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