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Thread: Help with Sony Hard Drive Camera and Importing Videos

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    Default Help with Sony Hard Drive Camera and Importing Videos

    Hi there, I'm new here, and new to the video editing world completely, and am having a few problems.

    My video camera is a Sony DCR SR52 - its a 30g hard drive based camera.

    I can copy the videos I have recorded over to my PC without problems, but can only watch them using VLC player. Windows Media Player says it needs to download the codec, but then cannot find it. I also cannot import anything into Windows Movie Maker as it says something like MPEG2 file invalid. I get the same message when trying Adobe Premier 2.

    Any ideas how to solve this problem?

    Many thanks in advance.


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    This is a popular request at present on this forum, user's who have bought Sony hard disk drive camcorder and who can't edit their footage. The idea of recording onto hard disk is great in principle but it falls down when it comes to doing the editing. Download a free 30 day trial of Sony Vegas Platinum and hopefully that will fix your problem, the latest version of Ulead Video Studio might also work. Also you should post in the Sony Vegas section from now on as it is more likely you will get more responses in that section than in here.

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    Hi - I am new too - to this site and to videoing full stop. I am desperate. I bought a Sony DCR 32SE 30gb hard drive for our much longed for holiday to Disney and now I am in such a state. I transferred it all to my pc no prob (using XP Media Centre). I can watch it on the PC in all its glory. But I cannot burn a dvd for love nor money. I have spoken to many knowledgeable people who tell me that I need to convert the files. Not really knowing what to do I found Movavi and got a trial which managed to convert the files to avi's. I cannot get Moviemaker to see the files. I bought Pinnacle 9 off Ebay and what a mistake that was! It doesn't even open and I just found that there is no support for it. All I want is to put my footage of our lovely holiday on a dvd. Now I feel like murdering somebody. Does anybody have one of these? Any help or advice gratefully received - but please remember that I have never done this before. Thanks.

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    Try what I suggested in my above post.

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    For future ref Codec/Video Identifiers has a bunch of freeware tools to help with codec issues. I use GSpot since it can identify the codec used in a particular file & whether or not that codec is already installed + it'll do a detailed drilldown into what hoops your system has to go thru in order to display the video on-screen.

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