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Thread: adding tracks to a recording

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    Question adding tracks to a recording

    hi all,

    i am new to the forum and hope you can help. that is why i am here after all

    i have made a recording on a HVR-Z1E, in HDV, and downconverted it to DV through the firewire into my PC.

    i then edited the footage and recorded it back to tape, but then decided to add channel 3 and 4 audio to it.

    it plays back fine in the camera but as soon as i transfer it back to my PC, my additional audio is gone.

    what am i doing wrong? the downconvert is switched off, i tried it with it on and off, same result

    any help would be much appreciated. thank you!


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    What editing software are you using? I would normally add all the audio tracks during the edit, whether it's three audio tracks or twenty audio tracks and not have any problems playing them all back, albeit in a mix. Or are you looking to able to choose which audio tracks to playback? I don't use Adobe Audition but you may be able to select audio tracks in that software, other forum members will know if that can be done or not.

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    thanks for the reply. am using sony vegas but i cant seem to get the 2 added channels into the computer. how many audio channels does firewire transport or will it do as many as are there?

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