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Thread: no playback in source window.Prem 6.0

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    Default no playback in source window.Prem 6.0

    hello everyone.

    first time posting here and I really appreciate u taking the time out to help me out with this problem.....2 actually.(Premier 6.0).

    1)after I've captured the clips they show up in the bin just fine>>However the clips when dropped in to the "Source' window do not play back.I can see the first frame...i can scrub it as welll......but it only move's a FRAME at a time when i hit the "play" button.what gives??? : :cry:

    2)Second problem is during the capturing it self.
    Its kinda wierd but some times if i stop during capturing some footage....i cannot RESUME by hittng the record button from Device Control .An error saying 'DV device is unavailable for capture" pops-up.Some times i can stop and still able to resume capturing again.
    :arrow: If this helps,all those times that Ive been able to stop and resume capturing from device control,I cud also see the actual footage play back in the capture window.And all those times when Im not able resume capturing,I DO not see the footage playback,EVEN THOGH THE COUNTER in the capture window as well the tape in my cam's running.
    HEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!Ive attached a screenshot of my capture window with the settings.
    Once again....any help/suggestions are truly appreciated.thank you.

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    Presumably you've captured to an AVI file. Does it play ok outside of Premiere? i.e. double click on it and pull it up in Windows Media Player. Is it ok there?

    Other than that, first things to do/check are that you have plenty of disk space, plenty of available ram and that your hard drives are defragged properly.

    Also, what is the full spec of your PC?

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    yes...the files are in the AVi format.They playback fine in windows media player (ver 9).
    The computers HD has been formatted last week & is running on Windows 2000 Pro.Currently i have about 49 GB left .I shud have listed my specs
    :( they are

    Intel P4 2.2
    MB-ASUS P4B533 with a intel 845 chipset.
    MAxtor 60gig 7200 rpm Hd
    1 Gb of DDR PC2700 ram
    NVidia Geforce 420 MX (64 MB) AGP
    Win 2000 Pro ....( file format is FAT 32 better for DV??)
    Premier 6.0

    For project settings Im using the DV (NTSC) preset for Standard NTSc (4:3 intl) @32 Khz,with DROP-FRAME timecode numbering

    In capture window the "video settings" state Microsoft DV(NTSC) as the compressor

    hope this helps.....thank you much for the first reply.

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    Default also.....

    since i last posted a "SOS" ..ive been tryin to replicate the problem (not that ive had to try hard)and I have this to add..

    1) Not only do my captured clips NOT playback in the "Source" window..they do not playback once laid on the "time line"/"monitor" window either.(they seem to advance a frame at a time,everytime i hit "play" )

    )Still having problems with capturing in it self.Every2 or 3 times that i stop when capturing if i dont need a particular footage,i am NOT able to resume either capturing more clips or e get it to atleast playback in the "Capture" window,this is accompanied by the '"Unable to connect toDV device" error message.(the tape plays in camcorder).AND OHH YEAH....Under "device control" setting....device is shown as been "ONLINE"..and yet....

    Everytime i shut down the camera,close Premier and then start all over again,i can capture a clip or 2.Then just like that ,no playback in the "capture window",and the error message that i mentioned.


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