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Thread: No Firewire Output in Premier Pro

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    Default No Firewire Output in Premier Pro

    Hi There. Have just had a problem with my firewire export to camera. I can capture and control my camera via the premier pro capture window no problem. But all of a sudden I cant play back the timeline back to my camera.There is no picture or sound. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program twice and still no go.
    Made a test movie in Windows Movie maker and that works fine both ways via Firewire.
    Any ideas or tips??
    Cheers, Mardi

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    Goto Menu > Project > Project Settings > General
    Click on Playback Settings button.

    Make sure that Radio buttons to include playback to DV device are selected. While you're in there, check that playback method (GDI/DirectX) is correct.

    I've noticed that many Registry settings for PPro get left in the Registry after an uninstall & when you re-install those settings don't get reset to 'factory default'. As to how the setting got changed to begin with - ghost in the machine.
    ~Applied Metaphysician~

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    Default Service pack 2 or 3?

    Hi There again. Could the problem be caused by having service pack 3 installed rather than 2? In all the adobe requirements I read about the operating system needed, nowwhere is there a reference to sp3, always to sp2.??
    Cheers, mardi

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