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Thread: I need help!!!!!!

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    Default I need help!!!!!!

    ok, I have what i believe is a simple question. My goal is to have a video library on a giant hardrive with all my video files. I have that, however, i want the thumbnails to appear as the dvd cover. I am a visual person, it would make my life easier. My solution was to stick a jpg image in front of the video in a video editing program, because thumbnails are usually the first frame of a video file. Of coarse, this takes hours to render. Which i dont understand because all i am doing is adding a picture. So finally, my question........ Is there a way to do this quickly through a video editing program or by any other means.

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    Why not just export a frame from the clip to a still image & use the still in a 3rd party cover designer? Inserting a still into a clip means that the entire clip has to be rendered to incorporate the still. Since the still is just a "naming" convention, why bother? If you have multiple clips on a disk, export 1 frame from each and use a thumbnailer to create a contactsheet to use as the cover.
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    Default hey man

    thanx 4 taking the time 2 repond. I understood up until the last part: "export 1 frame from each and use a thumbnailer to create a contactsheet to use as the cover." I would assume a thumbnailer is a program, so which would you suggest? And u totally lost me on "contact sheet". Also how can u place a genre on movie files in windows explorer. I can get it so genre appears as one of the categories but it does not let me edit. Is there some kind of program that can take all the movies and make everything "pretty". LOL!!!!!!! Anyway, listen, I am an artist/tattoo artist, If u can really find the patience to deal with my simpleton ass, I'd be willing to return the favor. If not i understand, i wouldn't help me. Thanx 4 ur time,man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Peeeeeeee eeeeaaaaaaaaaaaace!!!!!!

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    No worries, mate!

    Yes, the 'thumbnailer' is a separate software package - I use IrfanView (freeware, get it at IrfanView - Official Homepage - one of the most popular viewers worldwide) to create thumbnail-sized images of larger photo's.

    Export a frame - Even though we work in a digital medium, much of the terminology we use comes from the film (analog) world. A movie is just a series of still images (frames) strung together, passed between a light source and a lens, and projected onto a screen. Because of a phenomenon known as Persistence of Vision, we perceive this series of still images as objects in motion.

    So if the video editing software you're using will allow you to Export a frame (or Save a single image) from your clip then do so for each clip. Pick a frame that will help you to remember what's on the clip. You wind up with a bunch of photos.

    Then to IrfanView to create thumbnails of each photo.

    A Contact Sheet (old-school photography) is made by taking the film negative, cutting it into even-length strips, then placing the strips side-by-side Directly in Contact (i.e., directly on) a sheet of photographic paper & exposing it. When the photo develops, you have a bunch of tiny photographs on a single sheet of paper - the Contact Sheet. It's easier to view a normal photograph than to look at a negative image

    Once you've made the thumbnails, you can tell IrfanView to create a contact sheet. It will then combine all the thumbnails into a Single Photograph, which you can then use as the DVD cover. Of course you'd only use thumbnails from the clips that were actually on the DVD disk!

    Oh yeah! IrfanView will play some movie formats. It might be easier to just open the clips in IrfanView...
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