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Thread: What greenscreen should i get?

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    Default What greenscreen should i get?

    hi sorry if this is a bit of topic but i didn't know where else to post it. Im just about to invest in a greenscreen from this site and was wondering to get either "12A" from the plain background section or 46 tech green from the background paper section. The only reason I am a bit put of by the background paper is that it might tear or somthing? if any1 has suggestions about it that would be gr8 thankx ben704

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    A month has gone by with no reply on this. Clearly no-one here (myself included) professes to be adept at blue/green-screening.

    Tell us Ben704, which one did you go for in the end and how has it worked out?

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    is there nowhere you can rent them and try? A place near me rents them out. Or just lets us borrow them, seeing as how we know a few of the guys and make films with them.

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