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    Default Where do people recommend?

    I'm going to be buying a Canon XH A1 plus a number of accessories. Also I am looking for a wireless mic system. Probably also need a few other bits. Where do people buy there equipment? What places do people recommend. I live in Ruislip North london and work in White city? WOuld prefer somew where close by but for a great package deal may be willing to go long distance - I reallly just want somwhere reputeable.


    In Advance

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    Hi Gaz,

    I have used a couple of companies, Calumet have a good pro video team you could try them on 0870 or 0860 030303 cant remember which but speak to a guy there called Jit he knows his stuff and always gives me sound advice. Theres always provideo Ive heard lots of good things about them over the years however ive never used them personally, Or try Camerent I mainly rent equipment from them when I need it however I did buy a Sennheiser wireless set up from them and they managed to give me a better deal at the time over and above what Calumet or Provideo had to offer.

    Bottom line however if you want the best advice and quick delivery Calumet are very good.

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