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Thread: How to render correctly from Vegas 8 for a UK DVD

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    Default How to render correctly from Vegas 8 for a UK DVD

    Hello everyone,

    Sorry to start off with a technical question but here goes, hopefully...
    I'm a newbie to video editing and have managed to get my head round what I wanted to do editing-wise using Sony Vegas 8. It took a lot of time and now I'd like to see the fruits of my efforts on DVD, playable on a UK TV. I feel like I've got stuck at the last hurdle, though!

    Having followed the advice I have managed to come across online, I've rendered out of Vegas in Main Concept MPEG2, using the NTSC DVD stream without changing any of the default settings.
    Not only does the resulting file looks awful - with what I can only describe as a deinterlacing horizontal shift type look - but there's no sound, when viewed on my computer.

    I had previously rendered my video as Windows Media V9 with great results, then I converted this wmv file to MPEG2 so that I could view it on a digital photo frame. That worked well using a freebie video converter program, although, looking at it again, there's a fair few pixelly type artefacts going on.

    I'm thinking I can maybe use that MPEG2 file to try making the DVD in DVD Architect, but I imagine it would be better if I could render the video initially in the correct format for DVD creation without having to put it through a conversion and subsequent loss of generation.

    So to cut this longwinded story short (but it shows I've tried!) - any advice on how I should render the movie from Vegas and what settings to use in DVD Architect would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    All I want is to see my movie on the telly!

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    There is a PAL DVDV template in the same place you found the NTSC one, use that one. See if has audio as well, if not use the AC3 for the audio.

    I normally render using the 8mps render template and the AC3 audio , I then make sure DVD-a is set to PAL DVD and AC3 audio in the properties, this should stop any re-rendering in DVD-A

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    Thanks for the prompt answer, I've tried again and I think I'm still doing something wrong. Am I missing something out?

    Here's what I tried:

    - rendering my Vegas project as Main Concept Mpeg2 using the DVD PAL template (I don't appear to have an 8mbps render template in Vegas). It says; Audio: 224 Kbps, 48,000 Hz, Layer 2 Video: 25 fps, 720x576. This results in an mp2 with a fairly fuzzy looking picture with the interlacing look again. It doesn't look right to me, there's certainly a marked deterioration from my Preview (and well below the quality of the wmv file).

    -importing the mp2 into DVD Architect, all I want is a single movie, no chapters or text, so I did File> New> SingleMovie and opened the Mpeg2 file.
    - I used the PAL video format the same dimensions as the MPeg2 file, 8Mbps, AC-3 stereo for audio when it came to Make DVD.
    But I got a message that the video would be recompressed and also the audio.
    It seems sensless to me to try and burn an original file I'm not happy with and it gets compressed further.

    It's only a 12 minute video...
    Any idea where I'm going wrong?

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    Phew, finally I cracked it and I've managed to watch my first movie on my own telly. The quality was quite astounding in the end.
    I had suspected that what I was viewing on my computer could look very different once it was on DVD, and indeed it is so.

    What I was missing was to render the video and the audio separately out of Vegas - Doh.

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    I would have mentioned that before ,but we had a problem to solve, you can make your own templates, by change the parameters and then giving a new name and saving.

    I have templates fro 60mins to 180 mins with no audio and two pass and use the same AC3 sound for all of them, don't forget there is a Script that allows batch render so it will make the MPEG then go and make the AC3 while you go and do something else.

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