Hello, I've introduced myself in the newbie thread so now for the proper reason I'm here. I've been a picture editor for a rolling news station for about three years, since I left university. I'm pretty green in that respect, though I am permanent staff and do edit most days. I'd like to get a bit more experience in different areas of the editing world, short term freelance creative work perhaps - but of course I'm going to need some kind of showreel to apply for that.

In theory this should be pretty straightforward for me, but the trouble I'm having is with the content itself and how to present it in an attractive way. I mean, news stories are really not the most dynamic of subjects to work with! Showreels are meant to be pacy, engaging and eye-catching - but my body of work is predominantly obits and features about people blowing up. To say the stuff I have to work with is a bit dry would be a massive understatement. On top of that, it's mostly agency pictures and they're quite often visually poor to say the least! I have a selection of my cut work on SX ready to whack onto a dvd for playing around with, and also access to everything that's happened in the world by way of the library here, so I have plenty of stuff to work with - I just have no idea where to start :( I hoped that someone might have some ideas how I can turn a serious subject matter into a dazzling showreel without creating some sort of farcical The Day Today style monster.

To be honest I'm hoping that the fact I've been working for a bigish company for a fair bit will be enough to get me some experience elsewhere, but realistically everyone needs a showreel to fall back on. So any advice or tips would be very, very gratefully received!