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Thread: I need big time help =[

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    Default I need big time help =[

    I need some help right now, well theres a question I need answered. I wanna add a picture of an HP bar to my video, so it shows on the top of the clip playing, the clip is in widescreen mode and I wanna add it to the black spot on the top. Is there a way I can do that? If you dont understand let me show you an example below.

    In this video there is people fighting a monster, skip to the 2:41 timing of the video. If you look on the top, you'll see that a black screen appears on the black spot. How can I do that?

    Video: YouTube - Maple Story Heroes vs Papulatus [ dray86 ]

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    None the wiser.... please tell me what "wanna" means & "HP bar" is it a form of choclate?

    Can you show us a screen grab? that might help

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