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Thread: Help with leaving camcorder in standby mode

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    Default Help with leaving camcorder in standby mode

    Hi, this is my first post & i hope somebody can help me.

    Im a DJ & normally connect my JVC cam to a projector & screen the only problem i have is when i leave the camera on after maybe 10-15mins it automatically turns it self off, the only way to leave it running is by pressing record but the problem remains that the tape only lasts 90mins & you get the horrible REC & TIME appearing on the screen.

    Basically i need a way to keep the camera on taking in the crowd & not turning it self off can anybody recommend a digicam that does this & is it worth investing in one which has a built in hard drive.

    Thanks. Tommy

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    I was thinking of buying the
    Sony SR35E Hard Disk Drive Camcorder

    would this solve my problem?

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    Couldn't this be changed by simply editing the camera its stand by settings?

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    thanks, il have a look at the options. Could someone also tell me where i can find a 90 degree rotating block for my camera to sit on, on the stand

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    remove the tape and the camera will not come of standby, it only does that because of the tape to prevent wear and tear,

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