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Thread: Slowmo & repeat editing?

  1. Lightbulb Slowmo & repeat editing?

    I have heard that with this tool
    you should be able to achive the following editing operations on a movie-clip

    Add a slowmotion area where you decire

    Add a repeat area, and let thoose frames repeat 2-89 times until finally release..and play normal again

    since i complete suck in the art to understand manuals, do you perhaps allready know how to do this? if so tell me how to klick please

    Or better, if you know any other free editing programs that can do it, cause someone said that you need to "script" in Avisynth to do it..which i think im gonna find to complicated?
    is this overall hard operation to learn if i would use "Vegas" for instance?

    thanks in advance

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    Why not teach yourself to use AviSynth & then post a tutorial for anyone else who needs that ability?
    ~Applied Metaphysician~

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColdWinterWind View Post
    Why not teach yourself to use AviSynth & then post a tutorial for anyone else who needs that ability?
    I have a desease that makes me unable to teach myself developer manuals in letters, and apply it in the reality but if others who are not the program developers tells me how i shall klick i can learn all of a sudden
    so your plane for me is unfortentley to be excluded,
    the method in Avi synth is wery advanced if im correct, which require MS me you dont wanna let me guide you throu that

    its i who need guidense you could learn to do this in 5 minutes for me it takes month

    if that dont happend i need another program than AviSynth, we can exclude Ulead video studio 11, cause it operate effects in different windows which is confusing
    i need a editing program that reminds of Windows Movie Maker GUI but a bit moore advanced..i guess?
    remember its only 2 details i need, slowmo and repeat, then save out..then i can ignore the program's other functions

    i be wery surpriced if i get moore replies in this thread, but happy
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