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Thread: Plasma TV flickering image problem

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    Default Plasma TV flickering image problem

    As a relative newbie to DVD editing, I'm probably doing something daft here but I would appreciate some advice.

    I'm trying to produce an edited DVD from a whole load of big AVI files created straight from digital camera capture (not my camera so I don't have the tapes).

    I've edited these down okay and I've saved them as DV-AVI files. When I burn them to DVD, I have flagged a box marked "de-interlace (best for DV-AVI files)" and the resulting DVD looks great during playback on my PC and on my son's portable DVD player ...... but not on my 42" Plasma TV (Hitachi 42PD8700 U).

    On the big screen, I get jerky flickering whenever the camera pans or whenever people move across the screen. I thought it was an interlacing problem initially but I'm still seeing the same once I've "de-interlaced" so it must be something else.

    Any thoughts ?

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    It's actually a deinterlacing problem I reckon.

    Interalced looks better on tv - period.

    Progressive is rubbish unless it is 50p and very very few real world cameras shoot 50p.

    The reson it looks ok on the smaller screens is that they are tft (I bet) - thay have a persistence that blurs the flicker - the big plasma wont do this so it looks worse.

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    Some added info that might help those in the know ........

    I've now played the DVD on a friends CRT television and the problem was exactly the same so that suggests the Plasma TV theory may be a red-herring !

    I've also played it on my son's PS3, connected to the Plasma TV via a HDMi cable, and it played perfectly with no flickering.

    I've tried re-encoding the source files with different software and that didn't improve anything. I've also tried playback at different screen ratios and that did nothing either.

    Anybody know what all that might suggest ?

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