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    After capturing Hi8 footage into Media Studio Pro 6.5 it seems O.K. However when I try to open it in the Timeline on the Editor all thay appears is a thick black line. Looking at properties on the clip in the library gives a compression ratio of 149%. Can anyone help a novice?

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    Does the captured video play in Media Player? How is the video encoded?
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    Default Video Capture

    As this was my first attempt at capturing video I deleted all the clips that opened up as a solid line & not as a filmstrip. I then captured some more footage which opened up as filmstrip which is fine. However further captured footage once again opened as a black line. This will play in Windows Media player & is in the library as an AV1 file. I dont know if this gives a clue but the properties of the clip which opens up as a filmstrip reads :- Format 24 bits (320 x 240 ) Comp Ratio 48% & the solid line clips properties reads :- Format 12 bits (320 x 240 ) Comp Ratio 148%

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    Well, I'll do my famous trick and jump to the obvious - sounds as uf you need to ensure you capture at 24bit, otherwise Media Studio doesn't like the video. Well, I tried to figure out how to do this on my copy of Media Studio 6 - but the video capture compression option was greyed out. Then, when I tried to relaunch the application, It just crashed every time.

    So my reccomendation is to capture using a freeware application such a VirtualDub and then import the clips for editing in Media Studio. I've written a guide to capture using VirtualDub at - its written for capturing video games, but the principles are the same!
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