Hi All,
I'm involved in a project in which we're using 6-hour (2-4 GB) video files to record nest predation events for some endangered birds.
I need to be able to fast forward through these files efficiently to find these events. The problem I'm experiencing is that when I grab the scroll bar and move it through the file, it fast forwards just fine (I'm using Quicktime and VLC to do this), but the increments these programs use in their fast forward function are way too long (30-45 secs) for me to be able to reliably find a 10-sec. predation event in 6-hours of video- the FF functions can skip right over what I'm looking for.
Any suggestions for video viewing software that will allow me to FF through long files while showing each second of the video (or at least one with increments in the 1-10 second range)? Any info is much appreciated.
Corvallis, Oregon