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Thread: Gap Between Tracks in DVD Architect

  1. Default Gap Between Tracks in DVD Architect

    Is there some setting that controls the amount of delay between tracks in DVD Architect 4?

    I created DVDs made up of several MPG files. The delay when going from one to another seems excessive -- about 8 to 10 seconds. My previous authoring program created DVDs with a gap of about half that.

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    DVD-A does not add any delay as far as I am aware it is down to the DVD player as it hunts for the next track. Perhaps DVD-A does not put then#m consecutivly making the problem worse.

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    Well, I've ordered the files in the same order as the playlist (otherwise the Next command doesn't work very well) and I've tried it on two different DVD players. Sine DVDA doesn't have any special setting I'll have to accept it.

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