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    Default video quality standard

    how to define/know quality standard ...
    when one video is 'good' or 'best' or 'bad' is there any standard applied ?

    do you know software video quality measurement software ? i'm googling but find only MSU, but it support AVI only, i need other formats too (MP4, MOV, FLV and other)

    thank you before, GBU

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    Well I think the only way you can define quality is by recognising that the image is not blurry on the screen size it is produced to be viewed on and the audio is good enough to hear what you need to hear (e.g. in an interview you can hear the conversation, not the sound of cars passing by on a busy road)
    There is no "standard" as such applied, only that of the editors / producers own views of what should make the cut. I am very fussy and will not let certain things be included unless they are, in my view, good enough for broadcast TV because that is the "standard" I apply to my work. //

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    thanks for the answer,
    i thought there is an objective point of view such the parameters, values which are yield by some application that use accepted algorithm...
    using MSU (have u tried it ?) quality measurement, you can get value of parameters such like brightness,blockiness,jerkiness,psnr, etc...

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