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Thread: newbie- Bad jaggies on first shot

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    Default newbie- Bad jaggies on first shot

    Hi All,

    Just shot my first clip on a Sony Vx2000.
    When I transferred to PC via firewire the saved
    vid had pretty bad jaggies.
    I have attached an screenshot example.
    These seem alot worse than any I have seen before.
    Yet when I play the vid on the camera and display
    from the composite output there is none.
    Anyone familar with this phenomenom ?
    Will it display when I transfer to DVD ?
    If so maybe I should capture from the composite output ?
    Alternatively anyone recommend the best editing package for
    dealing with this ?
    I guess even good editing won't be a great finish on this.

    Thanks for any help,
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    The answer to this is both easy and embarrassing at the same time.

    Easy - because it;s a readily available answer on this site
    Embarrassing - because you clearly didn;t go looking

    Item number ONE on the FAQ over at Digital Video Editing Guides: Digital Director - faq

    If you need more then just ask.

    The bottom line though is that this is perfectly nomral interlacing and will look just fine when you authro a DVD and play it back on a TV

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    Thanks for the help Alan.
    I had searched for other with similar problem and checked the FAQ on this forum but I guess I shudda checked the others.
    I was concerned because on my shots it seemed alot worse than any I had seen elsewhere.
    But glad to hear that there's nothing wrong

    Thanks again,

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    No worries. Just a symptom of viewing an interlaced video on a non interlaced device, that's all. Edit away. Make sure you produce a DVD with interlacing (check field ordering for your area) and when watched on a TV all should be ok.

    Always produce a test DVD of a small clip first though to check your workflow out.

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