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    Default video editing software under 100

    Hey, I've recently started making videos (YouTube - nutbroker's Channel) and windows movie maker is beginning to annoy me by continually freezing, and I thought that I needed a better piece of software anyway, with more features, so I'm looking for video editing software to buy, but 100 or under.

    I basically want to use the software for making videos for youtube. What piece of software would any of you recommend? (I like a lot of functionality)

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    My personal rec is vegas platinum or movie studio ( i think its called).

    There is also premier elements and a few others.

    I know for sure you can d load a trial of vegas to try it, prob premier too. They are both excellent.

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    There are lots of editing programs that you can download a trial version to try them out for 30 days.

    Sony Vegas Platinum 8
    Adobe Elements
    Power Director 6 (Cyberlink)
    ULead 11 Plus (Corel)

    I'm pretty dumb at tis editing stuff. Just learning and doing underwater video at that, so I needed something about as simple as I could get. I tried a couple of the ones abpve and finally found ULead 11 Plus worked for me.

    Now I went hunting and found ULead 11.5 Plus, which is a more upgrade version. I found it for $60 on Amazon. Does that fit your budget?

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