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Thread: Premiere Pro timed slide show to music

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    Default Premiere Pro timed slide show to music


    I have about 100 images and want to create a timed slide show of the images to an audio track in Premiere Pro v1.5.

    Is there a tutorial for doing this or can someone please walk me through the steps?


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    If you're new to Adobe Premiere it's overkill for creating a DVD slideshow. There's plenty of shareware/freeware apps that are designed for this sole purpose.

    Two commercial apps that spring to mind are

    This one is freeware:

    You can create a professional slideshow in AP. However, it won't do it all automatically (transitions, encoding, burning), and as I say, if you only intend to use Premiere for this task, it's overkill as you'll be learning the whole kitten-kaboodle!

    If you're adament, I can know together a guide.

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