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    Up till now I have been capturing excellent quality m2t files from a Canon HV20 into Vegas. Editing by cut and paste only and then rendering back to m2t with no compression loss except at the exact point of cut and paste.

    Now I want to use Adobe Premier Pro for the same job, but it imports the m2t files, and seems to export them as avi or mpeg, but not as m2t. I cannot find a way to archive the edited files with no compression loss.

    Maybe If I captured directly into Adobe it would work better, but right now I am confused.

    The goal is to archive the edited files losslessly, and also to export compressed video to flash.

    Can anyone help?

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    Going out on a limb a bit here - and i cant be specific as I dont use premier.

    A .m2t or a .avi is really just a container that you put your video data in and so the file extension should not affect eh quality - it's what is inside that matters. Rendering a hdv file as an avi ( so long as you use the hdv template) will not be detrimental.

    Hope that si of some help.

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    An M2T file (or at least on my system it) is an MPEG2 data stream wi the exact bitrate of standard DV-AVI for high(er) def video. Therefore, by it's very definition, is NOT lossless.

    Which version of Premiere Pro are you using. I use V2 and it most certainly DOES allow me to export an M2T file. If I didn;t have an export running as I type this I'd dig out the menmu options for you. I do M2T files regularly because they play just lovely on my PS3

    May be under Export Movie rather than Adobe media Encoder.

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    I do have kind of the same question. I have a couple of MP4 videos (the native format of my camera) which are in 1280x720. With Adobe Premiere 3.0 prepared multiple clips with misuc and so forth, but did not export the projects yet into a format, because I am unsure which would be the best to save them without losses.
    The plan is to later uses these clips and cut them together to a longer video HD and normal PAL-format and I do not want to have too much quality losses on each step.

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