Hi all

newb here, so here's the story.

Apple iTunes film rentals have hit the UK, wohoo! The 160GB Apple TV is literally US$220 more in the UK. I'm off to NYC in 3 weeks so I'm going to get one there but I've we problem. My CRT Sony 32" TV (which I'm not replacing) doesn't have Component or HDMI inputs (which the Apple TV only gives ).

I've figured 3 options:

1. Buy a special converter box (found 3 so far), that takes Component and on the fly converts to S-video - all around 70/$140
2. Buy a new AV Receiver/AMP that converts video signals on the fly (cheapest decent one is 400 Yamaha DSP-AX763, Denon and Onkyo do it too)
3. Get a DVD Recorder that will accept Component and output s-video on the fly (100+)

But all of these cost more than I want! Suddenly I remembered ye olde VHS VCRs! Does anyone know of a PAL VCR that accepts Component but will output s-video (or RGB Scart would be even better) please? Or any better suggestions.

Many thanks, and to the lovely forum facists: yes I've searched the forums before posting my question