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Thread: Guide for optimum DVD production

  1. Question Guide for optimum DVD production

    Is there a guide somewhere to ensure the BEST quality for DVD's you produce from Premiere? Would be very useful to know that what I'm creating looks as good as it possibly can. Thanks...

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    You want the best quality then export at the highest bitrate available. Plenty of avaiable presets when export mpeg2 files in my copy of Premier Pro (v2).

    I often stick to the standard two pass 4Mbps preset but sometime push it up to 7 Mbps for sports.

    The next trick though, is that the higher the bitrate the larger the file. tuning file size to availabel space on a blank DVD is another artform in itself.

    But if you have the a recent copy of Premiere pro it shows you the filesize before you finally hit the go button to start the export so you can tell. Alternatively, if you have Premier pro Cs3 then you'll have Encore as well. Export as DV-AVI from Premiere and do the encoding in Encore. it works it all out for you and does a pretty decent job.

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