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Thread: Help with Sony Vegas Pro!

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    Exclamation Help with Sony Vegas Pro!

    I am new with Vegas and I'm having an issue... Due to a problem with my computer I had to uninstall and reinstall the program. When I had done that, I went to open the project that I was working on to finish it up and all the media I was using (including the subclips I made) were showing as offline and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to restore them. I spent quite a bit of time on the project and I would hate to have to start from scratch and redo the whole thing... Please help!

    Much appreciated.

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    Well something has got screwed.

    OK, can you physically "see" the footage, where ever it is on your hard drive/s? Does it play?

    Going back to your project, when you look at the details of one of the pieces of Media gone missing, what is the PATH column telling you? If the PATH isn't the same then there is your problem.


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    I still have the files of all the subclips and the original footage that I was using on my drives. I can play the original movie I imported into the project but the subclips I cannot. When I tried to manually replace the file of the original movie I was cutting up, it did nothing. I have the offline media resolver extension but it has not helped at all. When I ask it to search for replacement files it comes up with nothing. I'm not sure what I did but I really really hope I can get it fixed. >.<

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    Oh and the weird thing is, the audio that I was using for the project still plays just fine in the project itself but all the video is missing...

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