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Thread: Composting themes not rendering right?

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    Default Composting themes not rendering right?

    First off since I'm new here, I really like this forum. It has a lot of the solutions a video editer needs without going on a hunt. Anyways to my issue.

    I'm working on editing my footage from Red Bull Air Race: Detroit. I newly discovered compositing themes and their amazing. Anyways, I used the theme to make my top layer of video bleed through so you can see whats underneath. Heres were the problem starts...

    Unless I render default template, the composting doesn't come out right at all. It just plays the top layer video with the bottom layer effects. I'm sure you guys have a lot more knowledge on me and this subject so I hope you can help.

    This is the desired look. This is a previous render of the movie... (4mb)

    I'm trying to put the final out and I'm getting this...This ones .wmv (18mb)

    This is a screenshot of my workspace in vegas.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Well, I have repeated ALL of the information I can see within your screen grab and what you have said, and up to now I am getting bleed thru'. You don't say what compo settings you are employing, I'm using Dodge on T1 and Lighten on T2. I have also copied your Levels at 80.3%.

    For rendering I have used WMV9 templates: Default; 512; 28.6 and my own concoction template of 3mps - ALL show bleed thru'

    What template are you using?

    Up to now, and apart from you saying WHAT your compo settings are Dodge, Burn, Lighten - I can see and have used the TV sim in exactly the same place as you - I can't repro the issue on render. Which leads me to think you have got a template that Vegas isn't working with? Was it the WMV9? What settings? . . Actually none of what I just asked makes much sense to me!!! Anyways, I can't repro.

    Basically what you are SEEING in the Preview - I can see bleed - should really show up in the final render.

    Apart from this, your TV sim needs re-tweaking to reflect the zoom and phasing you got in the first sample - though nothing to do with the absent bleed thru'.

    Hmmm... interesting . . It's as if one of the tracks has gone MIA during the render? You couldn't have accidentally MUTED that track or changed its compo on render? Weird . ..


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    Sorry, I was to busy studing for my last day of exams last night. I was going to put the compo type in there but I got carried away on the more important matter.

    I'm not at home right now, but I believe I used multiply for compo. No the track is not muted. I embedded the project in other to see what would happen and the same thing happened.

    I'll get back to you later with the template.

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