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Thread: Help converting Sony files to be compatible

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    Default Help converting Sony files to be compatible

    I just recently bought a Sony GC1 "Net-Sharing Cam". I followed all of the instructions to a T but still can't seem to edit any videos I've taken. It came with software called, "Picture Motion Browser" and from what I've read on their website, the only "editing" you can really do is to set a beginning and end point.

    I would like to edit my videos in Windows Movie Maker but every time I try to open a video in WMM it says it can't access it. Can anyone help me figure out how to make the videos compatible with that program? Otherwise, some tips on other options I have would be great.

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    Download a 30 day trial of Sony Vegas Platinum and see if that will allow you to work with the files that camcorder makes, I'm not familiar with it. From previous posts I've read it seems to be that if you own a Sony camcorder then you need to get some version of Sony Vegas, correct me if I'm wrong. You should also post in the Sony Vegas section of the forum as you may get more responses there.

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    Default Help converting sony files on DCR-SR72

    Thank you NIKOSONY, For your help I have just found the answer to my problem
    Ulead Videostudio 11 is the answer
    Everything is sweeeeeet.
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