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Thread: Does anyone know about DV-in enabling or widgets??

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    Default Does anyone know about DV-in enabling or widgets??

    I stumbled across some webstuff that said a DV-in camcorder in Europe was subject to higher import duty. Most DV camcorders are capable of DV-in and DV-out, but to keep prices down, manufacturers disable DV-in.

    I've seen some pages that offer 'widgets' (simple devices that reconfigure the camcorder to enable DV-in) or simple codes and instructions but cannot find anything for my camcorder.

    I have a Canon MV600, does anyone know whether it is possible to enable DV-in? Does anyone know more about the subject? Does anyone know what I'm on about?
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    I've had a look around and it looks like you're out of luck I'm afraid. Seems they all quote the same set of cameras and you model isn;t one of them. sorry.

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    Just had a dig around google. Seems development was stopped on dv-in widgets, so u can only get them for older cams. Someone feel free to correct me!!!

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