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Thread: Nice Fake Dolly Idea

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    Default Nice Fake Dolly Idea

    Found this video. This looks like a really simple but effective idea to create a quick dolly effect.

    Video Cam Super Trick! - Video

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    Nice find locksmither, just tried it and footage looks very good

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    That's brilliant! Although I have so say sitting in the back of my dad's car with the boot up while he drives along to do tracking shots is great fun!! //

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    Thats pretty slick, I'm going to have to try that out

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    Neat, I never really thought of that before. I'll definately be using this!
    Something that doesn't actually move much like this is really good for keeping a long dialogue scene interesting. You can't keep cutting to new viewpoints of two people talking all the time. Instead of keeping a still camera, just a slow movement can keep the audience's attention.

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    Odd isn't it? a young lad on Indy Mogul came up with this idea independently and was slated, nice to see some positive repsonses to what I think is a good idea too.

    I wonder if an underslung weight would give automatic levelling, a 'C' shaped frame so that the weight was vertically under the camera. Or, an inverted 'V' with the camera slung underneath, the bigger the frame the smaller the height variation.

    You have to be careful with such things though, if it's not simple enough you'd might as well make a dolly .

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