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Thread: Downing HDV footage to DV

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    Cool Downing HDV footage to DV

    I got a new camera that has HDV capability, so of course I wanted to use it. I was using Final Cut Pro that captured HDV and DV footage onto the same timeline. Well, now I'm having to use Avid XPress Pro which is not accepting the HDV footage. I have a JVC GY-200 camera that I used to shoot the HDV footage and a JVC BR-HD50 that can also play HDV/DV footage. I was trying to use the camera as a player and the JVC player as a recorder using IEEE1394 but to no avail. Is there someway I can record this HDV footage as DV so I can use it?

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    Best to fix the glitch.

    Avid express pro should edit hdv natively - Avid Xpress Pro

    I would ask avid to help you with this. It's very expensive software so it should work properly and if it doesnt I would expect some good customer support.

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    Default Downing HDV to DV

    I already went through AVID and this is what they told me:

    From the error message you have send us we found that the frame rate on the tape is 60 instead of the 30 what the program expects.
    Mismatched format(expected/received)-HorizontalSize(1280/1280), VerticalSize:(720/720), Frame Rate:(30/60) This means the footage on the tape is not a 720p30 but 720p60 format.
    It's only possible to capture footage in this project format and with this camera in 720/30 format.
    With Xpress it's not possible to capture 720p60 footage from JVC cameras/decks
    Yours faithfully,
    New Media Support
    Avid Technology

    I am pretty sure my camera was in 720/30 settings though.

    Thanks for replying. I captured it into the Adobe Premiere on another computer. I was able to edit HDV with it before. I just wanted to use Avid since it's supposed to be a higher quality editing software. But I had no problem with Final Cut Pro. I was able to put both DV and HDV in the same timeline. It just took a little bit longer to render the videos.


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