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Thread: Hardcoding DECENT text to video.

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    Default Hardcoding DECENT text to video.

    Hi guys,

    After an awful bout of AAE, I am now using SVP, which in my view is kind of better.

    Came on here really to see if I can get any advice off you guys on the best way to hardcode text to my videos. I know I can use Vegas, but is there a standalone program which may be better?

    What would you guys suggest?

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    Could you elaborate on what you really want please?

    I can have a guess at what AAE stands for (Adobe Aftre Effects??). A bad bout eh? That worries me as it's pretty much industry standard used on many feature films. I'm curious as to what went wrong for you with it.

    I have no idea what SVP is.

    What do you mean by hardcode text in your video? Do you just want to put a text title on top of your video? Any video editor will allow you to do that. No need for specialist software.

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    SVP = Sony Vegas Pro mate..

    Yeah, hardcode, I mean I want to add some text to a student video I am doing, basically I got a 6 minute video, i need to add some quotes to it...

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