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Thread: New Boy at editing - some problems with ULead

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    Default New Boy at editing - some problems with ULead

    I'm new to digital video editing (it's infinitely easier to use a VCR...) and have just bought the ULead Movie Factory 3. I've had some success but I'm not at all impressed as rather than follow the manual initially, one has to use trial and error. The manual, like many others, seems to have been written by someone who assumes every buyer already knows all about it, details are scant and inaccurate.
    I've managed to get scenes onto a CD (the intended recipient doesn't have a DVD player on their PC) but have run into a snag. A few minutes into the movie, the camcorder stops at a place I'm certain I marked in an earlier trial (I'm recording under 'marked duration') and the camcorder won't start again until I click on forward. When I do this, the timer under the screen resets itself to zero and capturing subsequent sections is impossible as the camcorder rewinds to the first part of the tape instead of the midway point I want as it sees the new zero as the beginning of the tape. It's being logical, but can I 'wipe' this mark?
    Also, I've spoilt one CDRW but don't seem able to wipe it, the edit function in Ulead didn't work.. How can I use the same CD from the beginning, or do I bin it and use another?

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    Default Not a Mark after all.

    :( Further to the above, I believe the 'mark' in question isn't a leftover from an earlier attempt at editing as I've discovered more on the same movie, after the point I'd been editing to. I think they are points where I've done some shooting, looked at the scenes then restarted. In all there's 3 or 4 within the movie I need to edit, where the counter goes to zero and the tape stops. How can I select scenes to make a complete movie when it seems impossible to use the 'Mark in', Mark out' method?
    Thanks to anyone who replies.

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    Default I Give Up!

    I got on to ULead last week, which proved a waste of time. After sending a detailed description of my problem they didn't understand what I meant, it turned out because they had deleted the message. When I explained again they said 'it wasn't a problem' after trying it themselves, which was REALLY useful! I then explained again what was happening and they said they hadn't tried to simulate that (groan) and that it sounded like a problem they couldn't solve and would have to refer to their R&D Dept.

    Does anyone know of software which doesn't mind very short pieces of blank tape when selecting scenes from a camcorder, ie the counter doesn't zero when one crops up?

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    Download some software with a free trial and experiment. Check out this sticky:

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