So far Premiere Pro 7 in conjuntion with Canopus Procoder 2 Worked wonders, but ever since I changed to a widescreen monitor, each time I go to "File>Export>Canopus Procoder 2" it just doesn't work.
It shows the usual adobe Rendering window, and when Canopus windows should have appeared it just closes Adobe without a warning or anything.

- I know that the canopus process starts because it appears in he task manager, but when it should appear in the screen instead it terminates both the adobe and all the canopus-related processes.

-I reinstalled premiere, canopus 2, uninstalled canopus 2 and installed canopus 3 and things are all the same.

-Canopus 2,wizard, Canopus 3 don't work on their own either.

-I only changed my monitor.

If anybody knows of a Premiere-compatible coder that can produce .mpv and .mpa or m2v and m2a please let me know.

I thank the forum for the room to put my doubts.
If you know anything please let me know, I got some work coming in and I can't afford to waste time.

Thanks anyway.