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Thread: Why we Need more than 1 HD in our system

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    Default Why we Need more than 1 HD in our system

    Why we need more than 1 HDD in our system? I used 1 HDD and still can capture and edit movie form my DV cam? Why not we just create 2 or 3 partition to differentiate either or system and video?Is it important?

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    It's all about disk access and seek times. The theory is that if you have a sperate drive, tasks requiring files from the boot drive won't interfere with encoding/capture. It's really more a case of every little helps. You could also argue that you're reducing the risk of failure (but to do this, best to go for a RAID array)
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    That is very informative, however do you actually need a seperate harddrive? Might you simply partition as "tribute" suggests? May I have as clear cut an answer as possible please?

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    Captain: no, partitioning a drive won't help. It must be two physically separate drives. The reason, as Marc alluded to earlier, is disk accesses. As your PC is running and e.g. Premiere is running, it spends a surprising amount of time accessing the disk - disk is where virtual memory is, and there are very few apps these days that will fit into your physical memory, so the app will keep calling new routines from the disk. So the heads on your primary desk are constantly moving just to keep your PC running. Now, if you run a disk-intensive app like video capture, the disk has a whole new set of head accesses to cope with. That's a particular problem in capturing video because, in order to maximise your chances of capturing with no frames dropped, you want the capture to have exclusive access to the read/write heads (and, ideally, to be laying down the capture to a contiguous area of disk) - you don't want the heads also being used to swap virtual memory in and out or load and unload new app routines. So a single, partitioned drive won't work because you're using the same set of heads for everything. HTH.
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    Thankyou! You can't get much more clear cut than that!
    I will be heading to the computer store now to change my order from one to two hard drives - 80GB for programs, 120GB for capturing - both SATA.
    This will actually save me money!

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