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Thread: Vegas problems with crossfade & overlapping clips

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    Default Vegas problems with crossfade & overlapping clips

    Hi all,

    Im using Sony Vegas 7.0

    When I deliberately overlap clips in Vegas to get a crossfade effect, the render always comes out wrong. The clips crossfade but there will almost always be a fully opaque frame or two of the first clip towards the end of the crossfade.

    Does anyone else have this problem or know how to solve it?


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    What version of Vegas (5,6,7,8 ) and what release (a,b,c, . . .) and build number?

    OK, off the bat I can not, for the life of me, see WHY you are getting this. Maybe you are using crossfade in a way that it was not designed or meant to be to be used? No problem there! I like free thinkers. What would help all of us if you could do a Screen Save/Shot of exactly THAT area where you are having an issue.

    Seyah soon,


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    OOps! You DID say 7. Sorry - G

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    Im using Vegas 7.0b (build 151)

    I've attached a small screenshot of vegas. As you can see, I basically just drag the movie clips over the top of each other so they overlap.

    Typically, I can't emulate the problem now with a short video lol,
    but usually i render videos 4mins+

    This has always been a problem. As a result I've just avoided using crossfade but now I really want to utilize this nice transition effect.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Adebisi! Thanks for supplying that shot. OK, nothing jumps out at me immediately . . but . .. you do have some FXs applied to the Events. Can you please list them here? Also, yes I know it seems unnecessary, but can you either delete them or disengage them and SEE if you still get the same issue? Just try it. I have had some issues with a certain FX that gives flutter on slomo. I now use 32-bit float 2.2222 when I do this .. but that is by-the-by. Try disengaging the FXs - yeah?



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    Are your Project Properties reflecting the Media you have on the timeline? Actually what IS the media format of the Events? You have a really short crossfade, I don't have a problem with that, but if there IS a disparity within Properties AND your Event format then this could very well start something that we don't wont - yeah?

    Let's see - yeah?


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    I don't know if you are interested, but . .. . I just did some research over at SONY and Vegas 7 is now up to V7e! You have V7b. Now in V7c, there was a "fix" to crossafades as a result of a "rounding issue" - that sounds like maths to me and as such if you ARE employing some FXs and this "issue" is still remaining within your release, then maybe you might wish to consider updating directly from SONY site? Up to you. If it doesn't work, then at least we would know that THAT wasn't the issue here. However, there is a whole load of fixes you ARE missing out on! You are on "b" it is now up to "e".



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    OK. When I get some free time I'll try upgrading to the latest version (something I should have done a long time ago anyway) and see if the problem is solved.

    And yes, I always have FX enabled (brightness & contrast, glow, and sometimes sepia). I'll try disabling them.

    AND my project properties are never set the same as my final render, as I've just been leaving them at the default settings. I'll try fixing this so they match the final render.

    Thanks for all the help so far Grazie, I really appreciate it!!

    As soon as I've solved the problem (IF I solve it lol), I'll let you know.

    Simon Adebisi.

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    So, just a note to one and all:

    1] Check your Media > Properties > Final render are at least similar? If not then maybe give Vegas a hand and alter at least one of the variables - And YES I do know Vegas is Media Agnostic!

    2] Make sure you have the latest update installed.

    3] Disengage any FXs so you can see IF that was the issue.



    PS: Did I suggest always getting the latest update? It's what updates are for . . getting the Fixes IN and the bugs OUT!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grazie View Post

    PS: Did I suggest always getting the latest update? It's what updates are for . . getting the Fixes IN and the bugs OUT!!
    Ahhhh... but many people here may be very wary of this, having come (as I did) from a Pinnacle Studio background where (at least in versions 9 & 10) each new update introduced more serious problems than those it fixed.

    I, on the other hand, have a fairly "Gung-Ho" approach and if an update screws things up - hell, it's a good excuse for a wipe & reinstall of Windows

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