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Thread: How to add extra MB to wmv

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    Question How to add extra MB to wmv


    I've bunch of .wmv videos I need to enlarge quickly. Is there any software, which would add extra megabytes to my videos fast? Please, don't tell me to edit video quality/add extra scenes etc.


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    Well - they will look exactly the same, I cant really see the point, but you can just recompress them at a higher bit rate.

    Use this:

    But why do you want to do this ?

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    Why would you want to increase the size of the files when it would provide no benefit to the quality of the video at all?
    If you're talking about enlarging the size of the video in terms of pixel size or aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9 etc) then the only way you can do that is to use an editing programme to re-render the size of the video to a larger one you specify but if you do this then it is likely to produce a crappy picture. //

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    What an odd post? - I really don't get it, at all!


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