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Thread: Problems with PAL NTSC conversion

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    Default Problems with PAL NTSC conversion

    Hello, If someone could help me I would be extremely grateful! I have just captured video on a PAL camcorder and transfered it to Adobe Premiere 6.5 where Ive tried to convert it to NTSC. After Ive done this my playback has fuzzy lines and fuzzy images. Im sure it has something to do with the amount of lines PAL captures compared to NTSC or somesort of non conpatability issue. I also use Adobe AfterEffects and Avid Express, however I havent used either of the two in trying to solve this problem. Is it possible to get clear playback from PAL video converted to NTSC through Adobe Premiere 6.5? Ive been fiddling around with the program for a long time and have read through all the help sessions and I am hoping that someone here could point me in the right direction. Thanks!

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    What's your output format (MPEG etc)? Try an external encoder such as TMPGenc. The wizard will guide you through the process. Simply choose NTSC as your initial format and TMPGenc will make the necessary changes to your PAL video
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    Default Thanks Mark

    Ive been playing around with the progam and I managed to do a few things that have helped a bit. Ive changed the interlacing options to play the dominating frame reversly. And Ive also put an affect to help reduce the interframing flickering. It has seemingly done the job, Im in the process of rendering and fine tuning it.

    My output format is AVI, is TMPGenc a better solution to this problem? Would it get me better, or quicker results than manually changing formats of each video clip?

    Please let me know, and thank again!

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    I've been tearing my hear out with this problem the last hour, but I "think" I "may" have come up with a working solution.

    First install TMPGenc if you don't already have it. Now place this template I created in D:\Program Files\Pegasys Inc\TMPGEnc Plus 2.5\Template\Extra (change to the relevant install Dir!) Right click on the link and select save as: (make sure you change the type from TEXT DOCUMENT to ALL FILES).

    Save your movie to PAL DV AVI in Premiere. Now open up TMPGenc. Close down the wizard if it starts. Load your video by clicking the crowse button next to video. Now press load under stream type and browse to the PAL-to-NTSC.mcf you saved earlier. Now click Start.

    The preview video may look a bit "ODD", but the final output should look perfect in media player

    If this doesn't work, send me a few seconds of you clip (saved as MPEG) to my email address in my profile and I'll create a working template...
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    Default Thanks again...

    Thanks for the fast response. I still have the question about whether or not it'll be worth going through all this. When I have time tomorrow Ill have a go at it. Right now, the de-interlacing in Premiere seems to work just the moment Im rendering it. Ive had to make some space for it and itll take a full day basically to do it. Please let me know if this way you recommend will be superior to just de-interlacing.

    Here's what Ive done so far. Clip>Video Options>Feild Options> Chose "Reverse Feild Dominance" and "Flicker Removal". Then go to video effects and used the effect "Reduce Interlace Flicker". Please see if this is enough to do the job. Again...I truly appreciate your help!

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    If you're happy with the output, I'd stick with that . One question though - is there a reason why you didn't do a quick 5-10 sec preview of your encoded movie?
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    Default Hello

    Hi Mark, I have done a quick 5-10 second preview and it looks good. The only reason I am still waiting for the results is that I used keyframes to increase the reduce interlace flicker during certain parts with a lot of motion. So I awaiting the results of that. Thanks again, Ill get back to you if there are any problems. Appreciate it!

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    OK Marc, Ive seen some of the final stuff and its not too bad. However, because I had to "blurr" it in a sense it does come out not as clear as the original. Later today I will try your method on my video and see how it fits. Ill get back to you! Thanks

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