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Thread: Best way to get .mp4 into final cut

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    Default Best way to get .mp4 into final cut

    Final Cut Pro cannot read the .mp4 files that one of my cameras spits out. My question is which is the best format to convert this video to before importing it into final cut pro?

    I have visualhub and mpeg streamclip and have tried various settings. My source video is 720p, so I'd like to keep the size (it's actually going into a 1080 movie) and quality.

    Converting to DV downscales the video, but is fairly quick.
    Converting to xvid diminshes the quality, but is failry quick.
    Converting to quicktime takes forever and produces enormous files.
    Converting to mpeg2 or mpeg4 with h.264 works okay, but FCP has a hard time handling these files quickly (ie I can't even use the jog dial)

    So which is it? What would you do?
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    As we know, Final Cut Pro is a non-linear and non-destructive editing software application, it can only import non-destructive video format including DV, HDV, P2 MXF (DVCProHD), XDCAM, and 2K film formats. Nevertheless, the widely used MP4 is lossy format, which is a final delivery file type and is heavily compressed. In order to successfully import MP4 to Final Cut Pro, we have to convert the lossy MP4 to non-destructive format like DV which is compatible with FCP.

    just google search Step by Step Guide on How to Convert MP4 to DV so as to Import MP4 into FCP/FCE

    you will find a powerful converter and a step by step guide on how to convert and import mp4 to fcp

    hope it helps more or less

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    thanks for sharing growingemily, it really helps me, and now i can easily import my mp4 to fcp for editing

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    well, I got a iFunia media-converter from the Mac App Store, it can convert almost all kinds of video formats, so I don't worry about the video files can't be edit or play~

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    Default how to import mp4 to FCP X mov, apple lossless codec

    well, seems there has been something from the discussion, but not everything one need to know. here is the real guide about MP4 to FCP X converting issue, take your time. wish your project a big success

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    great topic, i like this forum, for i can find what i need

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    it will become better if it is totally free

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    convert to DV or MPEG-2 or HDV

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    You may try iDealshare VideoGo which can easily convert all kinds of MP4 videos to FCP, FCP X, FCE supported Apple ProRes, MOV or DV.

    Besides converting MP4 to FCP format, iDealshare VideoGo also helps to convert other video formats like MOV, WMV, AVI, MKV, VOB, AVCHD, MXF, MOD, TOD, RMVB, 3GP, FLV, ASF, SWF and etc to Final Cut Pro supported video format.

    Just google Step by Step Guide to Convert MP4 to Final Cut Pro with iDealshare VideoGo, you will find a detailed guide.

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