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    I edited this video for a highschool volleyball team. Let me know what you think. I'm hoping to maybe start a business and do this professionally

    Any comments, good or bad, would be appreciated

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    Just watched your video, it was reasonably good. I liked the opening title sequence with the zoom out, the music and showing pictures of the players, very different to what I've seen recently. There was good cutting to the beat, again good choice of music for action shots. The parts I didn't like were the overuse of some effects, you started with a sepia shot of pictures, then another sepia shot of the players playing, you should have continued with it to cover a sequence or not used it. There was also a scene with a single camera flash (was that an effect or was it a camera flash), again I wouldn't have used it.

    If it had been possible to get in closer to the action, I felt a certain distance from the action as most of it was in long shot. Long shots mixed with medium shots mixed with close ups to capture the expressions on the players faces would have given more visual variety. Shots of people watching would have been useful aswell, maybe next time you can get someone else to operate a 'B' camera, as having more shots is better than relying on effects to cover the gaps.

    The scene near the end where the team is lined up reminds me of the start of soccer matches were a steadicam is brought in and we get medium close ups of the players before the game starts. Perhaps you could try that next time, either before the game starts of after it, get up close to the players and just walk past them slowly. If you have access to a steadicam or glidecam all the better. Even a pan shot from a tripod would do, if you can get a tripod next time then try and use it.

    And finally the team has a HOT coach!!! We only ever had overweight, balding middle aged men.
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    Thanks for your review. Unfortunately I only filmed one of the games so I had to work with whatever was given to me. The shot with the film flash is actually a camera, not an effect. Next year I hope to film some more games to get better angles.

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