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Thread: Everybody loves raymond effect?

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    Default Everybody loves raymond effect?

    Hi just wondering how to do this effect that is on the intro of everybody loves raymond. It's when he sees his parents coming accross the street and the camera zooms into his face but the background moves back out. it looks realy cool. If anyone knows what im talking about and has any ideas I would grewatly apprieciate it cheers ben704

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    hmm.. Everybody loves Raymond isnt exactly my favorite show, but I achieve this effect by zooming in and walking backwards at about the same pace... it works for me.

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    I believe it's called the Vertigo effect (due to the fact it was originally used in Hitchcock's 'Vertigo') or The Dolly effect (as a camera is usually positioned on a dolly to ensure smooth movement)

    Seems like the filming community aren't keen on that effect, as it has been overused quite a lot, and it's a kind of in-joke to take the mickey out of it apparently.

    Saying that, I've done it too, and it is fun to mess around with

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    I thought this effect produced an absolute classic shot when used in Jaws.

    But basically it's as described. Alter the zoom at the same time (and rate) as you move the camera away/towards the subject. This leaves the subject at the same size and only the background get's the zoom effect.

    Camera movement will need to be very smooth though.

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    Technically known as a contra-zoom: achieved by either tracking toward your subject while zooming out or zooming in while tracking back.

    Can be tricky to get right as you will probaby need to adjust the focus at the same time as tracking and zooming. Timing all the elements to get the effect you want is the fiddly bit.

    Virtually impossible to achieve without a dolly.

    A very hackneyed effect but used in the right place can look cool.


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    I've split the more unsavoury parts of the thread into the "after hours" section Kind got a bit off topic
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