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    Unhappy Help please!

    Hi all,

    I have a JVC GZ-MG 130U and if you know anything about it . . .well there is no microphone port.

    It sucks. The microphone is too sensitive for me I think, it picks up a lot of background noise and I would like to use a mic with this camera.

    I don't think I can though.

    So, I am looking for a great way to get audio that isnt going to kill me. I have another camera an older Hi8 sony. It HAS a mic port and has served me well. I would just hate to record with both only to have to rip the audio off of one.

    Two, I do not have a lap top so I could just move a desktop pc to where I would be recording and record with that. . . .seems troublesome, but saves a step I think.

    Would a personal digital recorder work or is the sound quality on those really terrible?

    Im out of ideas.

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    With regards to your Mic issue, it rather depends on how you intend using you camera and for what. If you want to interview people or need coverage of a few actors/talent then the best way may be to buy cheap (compared to pro audio recorders) personal solid state recorders which often come with a levelar mic. (Ebay)
    You then need all talent to have their mics on and recording then have them get close to the camera and clap your hands or better still purchase a cheap clapper. then all your audio will be recorded separately which can then be synced up in Post.
    Or if its general coverage then a single recording unit (DAT) again Ebay have good units at good prices and adopt the same process above with a Gun Mic held by your sound person.
    Just a few ideas but on the whole onboard mics are not used at all they are always useless and pick up noise.

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    It really does depend on how much you've got to spend.

    For about 200 you can get a Zoom H4 which has xlr inputs and phantom power, enabling you to use professional microphones. It records .wav files to a card, which can then be transferred to your PC.

    It's a lot less effort than lugging two camcorders around and when you change camcorders, you've still got your sound recorder. I know it's a lot of money but, a word of advice, get the best you can afford when it comes to sound gear, especially microphones. I still use some mics which I bought over fifteen years ago but I've gone through a whole bunch of camcorders since then.

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    I am apro audio recorder and I know a thing or 2 about mics. First you should be in a room where no one is in and make sure no one will interupt you while you record. 2. There are a ton of mic hubs that you can get but most are for recording in professionalrecording programs. I say you should get a portaable mic. The can range from $100 to $400 for a good quality or decent mic. They are sold at sony stores or Guitar Center. Those personal recorders can be awesome and kick ass. They work great and sound quality is also great. Gettig one will end up being cheaper than getting a peripheral for you computer to hook your mic up to.

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    We did a gig around a year ago and I had someone use my Sony DCR100 as the A cam and my brother-in-law brought his old Hi8 to shoot some b cam footage. We also recorded the sound off the FOH desk with a Zoom recorder.

    In the edit I found the Zoom and the sound from my Sony DV stayed in sync once you lined them up in the NLE, but the Hi8 soundtrack drifted out of sync consistently (that and it sounded dreadful along with the picture quality!!!)

    A blend of the sony cam sound and the Zoom recorder sound gave quite satisfactory results


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