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Thread: Looking for the perfect web video camera...

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    Thumbs down Looking for the perfect web video camera...

    OK. I'm looking for the perfect camera to shoot for the web.
    I'm recording events that I would like to upload to YouTube or Google without much editing. Just snipping to size, may adding titles. Simple.
    I have been doing videos for a while with my trusty Sony dcr900. This is a great little camera but transferring footage to the pc, editing in Premier, exporting an a muxed mpeg2 and then uploading to YouTube or Google is a work intensive little flow. THERE'S GOTTA BE A BETTER WAY!!!
    I though that something like the JVC Everio GZMG730 might be the answer. These little things record mpeg2 ps. Would this work? Can mpeg2 ps upload directly to YouTube or Google or does it need to be transcoded to mpeg2 ts????
    Is it better to look for a camera out there that just records mpeg4 or flv which can then be minimally edited and uploaded directly?
    Anyone doing this?

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    Search the forum for my many references to the Samsung VP-X300L, perfect for what you wanna do.
    You can use an AVI Splitter and upload the AVI chunk straight to youtube pretty much.
    See my page for one caveat - you must change the fourcc of the file else youtube wouldn't recognise it, but it's just changing 4 letters in the file.

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    Thanks...but avi files are so big...compared to mpg2 or mpg4/flash...Isn't there a camera that records native in these formats, making a relatively small file that will take up less time uploading...uploading a 1hr avi will take forever!

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    Sorry evilc, I should have read your page before answering...I'll look into this camera

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    Default is an example of an AVI output by the camera on "Super Fine" (ie highest bitrate) setting - 30MB for just over a minute.
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    I'm in a similar boat as the original poster. I am much more focused on file size and speed on uploading than file size. I go to sporting events (track meets) and do a bunch of interviews. If I have 30 interviews 3 minute interviews, I can't wait forever to compress them all, etc. Unless someone knows a super fast way to compress something, I'd like to know how to record basically straight to web quality.

    Is this what the Flip camera does?

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    If you are looking for a camera to not have to recompress, you need to think also about the codec too. It would be pretty pointless for example if it shot in MJPEG as that is not a freely available codec.
    DivX would be a pretty damned good choice here, you could upload the file raw and use the embed code here to add it to a web page, like I do here.
    If you are using YouTube then it might not be so much of an issue as long as it can convert it.

    The samsung may be overkill for just interviews though, I mean you could probably get away with 10 or 15FPS for that not a full 25 or 30FPS. I think the samsung may do lower resolutions too though, that may cut the file size down. Bonus with the samsung too is that you could possibly get some of the people you interview to wear it and record some POV for you

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