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Thread: Monster Movie Made For Fifty Quid!

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    Smile Monster Movie Made For Fifty Quid!

    Hi! First time user. I've recently stopped shooting my shorts on 16mm film and have moved over to digital (mini DV). I couldn't believe the power of digital editing/shooting. I use Premiere Elements on my home PC. I got so excited when I realised that Premiere Elements could do blue screen that I embarked on my first special effects film. I thought: what's the simplest monster I can create and manipulate with blue screen? The short is called Doodlebug and you can see it here:

    The process took ten months; I'm very proud what we managed to achieve, at home(!) on such a low budget (fifty pounds).

    Hope you enjoy!



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    Quote Originally Posted by Leepy View Post

    I'm very proud what we managed to achieve
    And so you should be. Your "previous" counts for a lot. The storytelling and shots showed you had plenty of experience of filmmaking. But what a great effort with getting to grips with digital - AND all those effects. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that the sign of a good effect is you don't notice it - and here the "doodlebug" and "doodlelady" were both very convincing - I forgot they were overlayed at times.

    Once of twice the keying wasn't perfect and the bug looked a bit like it had been stuck on the background film and there were one of two problems where the perspective gave the game away, but I'm really nit-picking here.

    Great actor, too. Very expressive.

    I'm looking forward to your next in another ten months

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    Hi Tim

    Thanks for your comments! I'm building the model for my next short at the moment... I'll post in a few months (hopefully not ten!!!)



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    I loved it! I showed it to my wife and kids, and we all enjoyed it very much! I am trying to do this kind of thing with my own kids, so my hat is off to you for sticking with it for 10 months. It definitely was worth it. Kudos to you! Looking forward to your next film!

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    Cheers mate. Glad the family liked it!

    I'd love to say the whole 'making of' experience was great, but it was also a little stressful; I stressed out my partner cos I cleared the kitchen three times to put up the cloth to do the green screen shots of the boy. And sometimes my son couldn't be bothered... so we agreed on some payment and THEN he was up for it again!

    Thanks again for your ncie comments.


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    Absolutely brilliant ! Had me transfixed the whole time.
    What a wonderful little actor you have there and as you know all talented actors need to be paid!

    Really enjoyed that.

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    Thanks Tracey!!!


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