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Thread: High Speed camera on a budget?

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    Default High Speed camera on a budget?

    Hi all,

    Going to get a good quality video camera in the future. Currently I have a panasonic NV-MX7 miniDV (by the way, is this anygood?), and I will like to make some DVD, so therefore will want a HD video camera.

    And also, I'd like to be able to film some extra slow-mo scenes. As in I'd need a high speed camera.

    So when I do eventually go to buy a HD video camera are there any that have a high speed recording function for extra slow mo scenes?

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    If you can't find one, remember that if it shoots interlaced, you can just deinterlace with a bob and weave to get double framerate progressive footage from interlaced source.

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    This is the 'cheap' way to 1200 fps.

    I want one.


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