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    Sydney, Australia is home to an inspirational film school. Participate Film Academy redefines what a film school is all about. It is a leader in innovative teaching methods with a strong commercial and youth focus. It mentors its candidature in the business of filmmaking by assigning the whole class to work on an actual feature length film, rather than individual projects, and moreover, formally contracts with them a share in the overall profits from the sale of the Movie. It also covers other activities related to the film industry, such as the running of festivals, promotional competitions, the making of documentaries and its very own T.V show!

    Participate's curriculum provides a thorough grounding in all aspects of filmmaking: story development (writing), pre-production, production (acting, directing, filming), post-production (editing, sound mixing, special effects, etc.) and even marketing and distribution.

    At the end of the course, students earn a feature film credit in a professional grade feature film. Participate students will have accomplished what millions of people only dream about!
    The course concludes with a Red Carpet Premiere and apart from a Certificate of Completion, a tangible and unique benefit to Participate Film Academy graduates is the award of Film Credit in the feature film. A further unique benefit is profit-sharing subject to the commercial success of the theatrically released movie.

    Participate Film Academy …where film careers are made.

    check us out at

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    So innovative the url is a 404....

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    Zero, zilch, nothing coming up on screen.

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    Thanks for letting me know the site is down.

    Its back up and running again now.

    Please check it out again if it didn't work the first time, love to hear your thoughts!

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