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Thread: Firewire isnt working

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    Default Firewire isnt working


    im having problem to connect my sony DCR-HC14E camcorder to my PC via Firewire. i got Firewire(iLINK) cabel with my camcorder which is 4 Pin both sides.but my Pc has 6 Pin Firwire Port .so original sony cable cant be used.i bought new Firewire cable 4 pin to 6 pin.but when i connect it to pc and cam nothing happend .i checked from BOIS fireWire post is can someone plss tell me what shoud i do ?:S

    and this is P5B vista premium edition motherboard .

    thanks in advance

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    i can use USB cable for capturing videos but im not satisfied with Quality :(

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    USB should be avoided - f wire is the best way. Best thing you can do is to try the camera on another pc to see where the fault lies.

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