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Thread: looking for guides, help - re: joining .avi's, etc.

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    Default looking for guides, help - re: joining .avi's, etc.

    hey there,

    I'm very new to video editing, and I'm interested in learning the basics. my mission is to figure out how to join a bunch of small .avi files and make one large .avi file.

    more specifically, I'm wanting to rip/convert a number of my DVD's so I can enjoy them on my computer while I'm working - I am not interested in torrents, I dont trust them and dont use them, so I'm not doing this to violate copyrights and/or fileshare.

    using the ripping tool from AnyDVD, I've ripped Die Hard to a file, which contains a number of smaller .vob files. I've converted those .vob files to .avi using SUPER, but I cant figure out how to join those small files. I just want to be able to click one file and have the whole movie play - silly, huh? told you I was a n00b!

    I'm using:
    Premiere Pro

    I'd normally just buy the full version of AVIJoiner, but I dont want to spend the money if I dont have to - and I know that Premiere Pro is a very powerful program. I've searched Google for guides and have come up empty - so if any of you could point me to a guide or walk me through this, I'd be very appreciative.

    my larger, overall goal is to fully understand how to use Premiere Pro to its fullest - so I'm also looking for general Premiere Pro beginner's guides and tips.

    thanks for your patience.

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    Import the AVI files to premiere. Drag them onto the timeline, or right click them, and click 'insert to timeline' or whatever wording it has on your particular version.

    Once you've got all of them on there, you can export them either as an AVI (very large file size) or as WMV. To export as WMV, File, then Adobe Media Encoder. From there you should be able to choose from a wide variety of different wmv settings (quality and size etc).

    Maybe experiment a bit with a short video clip until you find what you're happy with.

    If you ended up with a timeline with say 4 full length films on it, it's going to take ages to render, so don't be too surpised at this. An hour of uncompressed AVI will take up about 13Gb of hard drive space. If you want to watch videos on your computer, DivX ** is a nice format, similar in quality to DVD, but a smaller file size than wmv. There's plenty of cheap and free software to convert to DivX.

    ** If you have a look at the video by clicking the text "Never Quite The Same" in my sig, you'll be able to see what sort of quality to expect from DivX. The AVI of this film is just over 18Gb. The DivX version is about 600Mb.
    (install DivX software to view, or it may play in some versions of Windows Media Player, but I can't promise the sound will sync up with the video unless it's played on a DivX player)

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